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We asked… Which of these anti-smoking advertisments do you think is most effective in helping people to quit smoking? You Said… Your status… Advertisements


Healthwatch Southampton Deputation to Southampton Full Council 16.9.15

Healthwatch Southampton thanks you for the opportunity to make this deputation to the Full Council.

We would like to speak on the subject of mental health and in particular the Time to Change campaign, which challenges mental health stigma and discrimination.

One in four of us will be affected by mental illness in any year. The effects of this are as real as a broken arm or leg; even though there isn’t a sling or plaster cast to show for it.

Not only are mental health problems common but nearly nine out of ten people who experience them say they also face stigma and discrimination as a result. Many say that stigma and discrimination at work, and in social situations, can be a bigger burden than the illness itself.

This view is upheld by a recent national survey of public attitudes, which shows that stigma and discrimination is still widespread:

The survey found:

  • That a third of people say they aren’t willing to live with someone with a mental health problem
  • That almost half of people say they would feel uncomfortable talking to their employer about a mental health problem.
  • And that when asked to describe someone who has a mental illness, nearly 40% agreed that they are prone to violence, when, in reality, people are far more likely to be the victims of crime rather than the perpetrator.

The consequence of this kind of thinking for those of us with a mental health problem means it is harder to work, make friends and in short, live a normal life.

  • You can become isolated
  • You can be excluded from everyday activities
  • It is harder to get or keep a job
  • Your physical health is affected.
  • You can be reluctant to seek help, which makes recovery slower and more difficult

However, since 2007, mental health charities Mind and Rethink have led Time to Change, England’s biggest programme to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination. This has involved raising awareness, challenging myths and stereotypes and generally encouraging people to talk – through media campaigns and community events. The good news is that thanks to this work attitudes are beginning to change and people are becoming more tolerant and understanding of people with mental health issues.

But we are not there yet and further change will not just continue to come about. Many people are still afraid to talk more openly about mental illness and mental health problems because of a fear – a real or perceived fear – of the consequences of doing so.

It is therefore essential that all of us seek to challenge these fears, the same ones which create stigma and discrimination, and show they are not true.

As a council you have authority in the city – as well as being an employer and provider of services. As such, we hope you can help in this respect.

Something we call on you and everyone to do is to support, publicise and attend the Time to Change anti-stigma events in Southampton on and around World Mental Health Day on October 10th.

Furthermore, we urge you to join Healthwatch Southampton in signing the Organisational and Employers pledges on the Time to Change website.

Many thanks,

Rob Kurn                                                      Sam Goold

Healthwatch Manager                              Healthwatch Community Development Worker

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Itchen College

Thanks to Steve Beal, Healthwatch volunteer, for helping Sam run a stall at Itchen College Fresher’s Fair. We were able to ask over 50 students for ‘One Change that would improve my health’. The most popular answers were about getting more exercise with access to gyms being asked for at cheaper prices. Answers around diet were the next most popular answers with other replies including more sleep and better cycle routes.  Thanks also to Itchen College for inviting us back and good luck to all the students in their studies this year.

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HWS Anti-smoking Advertising Survey

can-quit-smokingWe want to know what you think about anti-smoking adverts. Which ones are effective?

Complete our quick survey and we’ll publish the results next month.


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FREE life changing opportunity for 50+

FREE life changing opportunity

Saturday 3 October 2015 Townhill Park Community Centre

Join us if you are 50+ for a workshop giving you the information and support you need to plan the best future you can get!

Call now to book your freeplace 07835851718

(Free transport to and from venue. Meals included)

The Wessex Later life Initiative, is a friendly, funpacked workshop that will give you the information and confidence you need to prepare for your future.

It will cover the following:

• retirement planning
• developing better friendships
• money and managing debt
• later life benefits
• the value of your state pension
• mortgages and savings
• understanding wills
• legal power of attorney
• the value of lifelong learning
• top 10 things to improve your health
• managing disappointment and change

 Click here for Poster and full details

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Focus group – What is good quality care?


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Solent Sight Day 2014


Brunel the guide dog

Many thanks to Jeff Page, Chief Executive Officer at Southampton Sight and his team for organising the Solent Sight Day at Southampton Guildhall. There was much on offer for blind and partially sighted people, their families and people who work for those with sight loss. The guest speakers were Lesley Anne Alexander CBE, the CEO at the Royal National Institute for the Blind, who gave an overview of the work of the RNIB, and David Blunkett MP, former Home Secretary, who told a lovely story about the Queen offering him help to chop up his lamb cutlets. As one of the exhibitors, Healthwatch Southampton was able to talk to people about out work and listen to people’s experiences of health and social care services.

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Protected Characteristics Monitoring

The Equality Act 2010 sets out the 9 personal characteristics that are protected by the law: gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marital status, part time status, age, religion or belief.

Healthwatch Southampton is committed to the policy of equal treatment of all employees,
volunteers, applicants and the public.

As a public body Healthwatch Southampton have to monitor our work with regard to these protected characteristics and to that aim need to collect them.

This information will be used solely to collect Protected Charteristics statistics for our report that is produced for the Executive Committee annually. This is to insure that our Equal Opportunities policy is working.

Click here to complete the survey

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John Denham MP will be hosting this listening event for everyone in Southampton who has a disability or cares for someone with a disability.

Please come along and make your voice heard. At the listening event there will be a chance to discuss the key issues and priorities for you in an open discussion, as well as in smaller groups.

You can book a 2-4pm slot or a 5-7pm slot, both held at the fully acccesible Edmund Kell Unitarian Church, Bellevue Road, SO15 2AY

The findings of the session will be fed into the work of Southampton Fairness Commission, John Denham MP, and support organisations throughout the city. The objective is to make the city work better for disabled people and carers in all areas of life; work, leisure, education, and social care. We believe that your experiences should be first and foremost in all of this.

If you have any questions or would like more info please do get in touch on communications@johndenham.org.uk or by phone on 02380 339 807

For an invitation to the event click Invite to Disabled People and Carers Listening Event

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Adult Social Care consultation

Southampton City Council is currently consulting on the way some of its directly provided services, commissioned respite and day care services are delivered.

Consultation affects the following services:

• The closure of Woodside Lodge Residential Home
• The re-provision of respite care services for adults with a learning disability, currently provided at Kentish Road
• Redesign and re-provision of all the council’s in-house day services for those with a learning or physical disability or mental health conditions. This affects 39 services, including those run by the council and independently.

Consultation begins on 24 July and closes on 23 October 2014

For more information and for ways you can contribute, please visit:


Herbert Collins House,
5 Northleigh Corner,
Wide Lane,
SO18 2HR

Phone: Adults Customer Services Team on 023 8083 3003
Email: providerservices.consultation@southampton.gov.uk

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